The work is a running commentary on the nature of modern space. Forever interesting, relentless, it is a conceptual matrix and anything able to represent the natural world. Proposed as a virtual, quantum space, the quality of which is made up by the very rules that constrains: therein lies the brilliance of the system. Incapable of narrative, it is composed of modules within modules, syntactic, never rhetorical. It has no boundaries and as representation is based on semantics, a camouflage of an implied politics, gender, ethnic, surrealist, cubist order, the work is the reasserting of a universal space. It is an overlay of a grammar-database where the aesthetics may be found in method: ei, in the way rules are applied; aesthetic gratification varies to the extent limits are perverted, rules bent, prohibitions transgressed. The work is a clarity or an obscurity; an  idea located always in the now, in the everpresent, puer, conceptual modernism. And it is a good reminder that creation is finished and there is no-thing to earn and the purest syntax always has an unspoken story; a silent subtext: all is made for the purpose of revealing what is not and not what it is to be; in other words not to represent but to reveal.







"Grammar, which knows how to control even kings.”