21 Aphorisms for the Occasional Student of a Consumerist Architecture. . .

. . . or the last waltz by the passengers of the Titanic.

© ov, 1979
© F Magazine, SCI Arc, 1988

1. An ever-present danger:

at any minute the whole thing can turn into real estate.


2. Less is more cheap. 

3. Expressive architecture is like money in the bank.

4. Contrary to appearance all buildings are aesthetic statements.


5. If we cannot be convinced that architecture is spiritual, surely we can agree that it is valuable.

6. Small budgets modify ideology.


7. Architecture as a topic of inspiration defies words.


8. Radical architecture is always a socially sanctioned event.

9. In architecture, rationalization is the price of aesthetics.


10. Politics is the root of aesthetics.

11. Order is easier to market than disorder. 


12. It is questionable if mechanization has improved the look of architecture.


13. There is no architecture, architecture is.   

14. The monumental if not obsolete is expensive.

15. In architecture logic is peripheral.


16. Buildings of space/buildings in space:

that's the whole of it. 


17. There are those who maintain:

"...deconstruction is not a style."


18. While contradictions in design validate criticism, transgressions of taste are theoretical suicide.


19. In the realm of the personal there is no architecture only taste.


20. Architectural criticism is a blend of rational thought and voodoo.


21. To embody the highest expression of capitalism, architecture adapts.

Helen Hayes Theater, 210 W. 46th St., NYC.
 Herts & Tallant, architects. Razed in 1982.